Planning Small Lake District Weddings

A lot of wedding planning advice is geared towards people planning weddings that are larger in scale. When it comes to planning small lake district weddings, there are a few specific things you’ll want to remember.

Consider A Non-Traditional Venue

Since you won’t have to fit a lot of people under one roof, you might want to consider a more unusual wedding venue. For example, you might be able to get married at a local restaurant or even a place like a library.

If you want a traditional wedding, you can absolutely have that. However, a small wedding can give you options that someone planning a larger wedding wouldn’t have.

Look Into Providing Your Own Food

The cost of catering can make wedding planning a lot more expensive. However, if you don’t have to feed a large number of people, you may be able to get away with providing all of the food yourself. You could even ask everyone attending the wedding to bring a dish of your own. This will make your wedding far more affordable, and you’ll still be able to ensure that everyone at the wedding is well fed.

Send Out Personal Wedding Invitations

When you’re inviting over 100 people to a wedding, it’s virtually impossible to personalize every invitation that you send. However, if your guest list is very small, you may be able to send out invitations that are deeply personal.

One of the advantages of a very small wedding is that all of the guests will be people that are very important to you. You may want to send your guests a message telling them how much you value their presence in your life.

Consider Splurging On A Few Key Elements

When you’re planning a small-scale wedding, you’ll be able to limit your spending. However, you may still want to splurge in a few key areas. For example, you could spend more on the flowers for your wedding, or pay to hire a talented photographer. You should be able to afford to splurge on a few things while still keeping the total costs of your wedding down.

Planning small Lake District weddings is easier than you might expect! Even though there are a lot of things you’ll have to take into account when you’re wedding planning, you should be able to plan a small wedding that you’ll be more than happy with. Keep this advice in mind during the planning process.

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